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EDIT!!: It looks like I won't be able to help Mammaw pack up her stuff. Mom and Dad left me and my sibling at home. But....It turns out that whatever it was that Maria caught that killed her was a sort of Lukemia or something, and passed it onto Carrot by accident. There was nothing we could do for Maria before she died. And there was nothing we could do for Carrot. Carrot died from the disease he caught. :cry: My sibling is going to bury him, soon. All of us are crying on the inside and so am I.

I'm not sure what I should do right now.... :cry: :crying:

When I get home today, my parents and older sibling are going to need my help helping my grand mother move in somewhere, so we'll be taking in her stuff into her new home, well, helping her do so.

When we get done, we may stay a while and then head back here. But within the next day or so, I'll be busy writing a letter to someone this Christmas, since mom wanted me and my sibling to have Christmas Letters ready on what we want for Christmas before she sends them on Monday.

And it's most definitely that me and mom will be picking out a ring that I would be wearing on the day I graduate, according to school, I have until March to get an order online to get what I need for Graduation Day, such as the hat, the dress, etc.

Also, December is going to be a pretty busy month, since I am going have to have a lot of things to do. I had to let everyone know of this, so if I do not reply, speak, or if seen as Active but not doing anything in general, then it could mean I'm busy working or I'm someplace far away and forgot to switch to "Offline". ^^;

I honestly hope I would have a good day today, even though this week has been rough on me in it's own ways. Hopefully it wouldn't end badly like it had a few days before.
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IttyBitty1996/ Amber
Artist | Student | Other
United States
There are many who are curious, many who wonder around and about, Curiosity can sometimes be a good trait or a bad trait, for there are some who wishes to help others and bring happiness, yet shall it be best to know who to trust in the future.
Hello, I am IttyBitty1996, but in real life, my name is Amber, you can call me nicknames based by my user name if you desire, or you can call me Amber.


- I am now a 12th grader student in high school who likes to write and draw things, despite being quiet in real life and having a quiet voice, I think a lot of things and have great imagination, if I could put it to use, I could use it to write/edit things, or draw stuff especially in school. :)

- There are times where I often think about many things and I also think about what to type, I also write stories and work hard on them Like "Once an Elven...Always an Elven."

- If you are ever troubled by something, you can tell me about it, I would try to help those who needed it. :) If I made an error, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

- I am very curious at times, so there are times where it certainly gets me and there are times where I wonder about things that get me curious.

- Not only do I love to draw, but I also love to write and read books that are of fantasy, from time to time, I think of new ideas that come to my mind and eventually use them, and would try to find ways to use my creativity in a good way. :)

- Once I make a mistake on DA, or ended up making a mistake from the words without realizing the facts at all, or that I make a mistake while talking with a friend or those watching me, or even make a bad choice and say wrong words, I tend to worry all the time, and worry about it a ton, I may end up asking for a second chance to fix it, but would also try to not to make the same mistake in the future.

- I love my friends very much, although I do commissions on here, I also do requests and try to think of ways to give good presents to my friends should their birthday draw near. :)

- I am usually a very calm but kind and playful person on Deviant Art, despite being curious and my good traits, I tend to worry alot for not just my friends, but also about their happiness and safety, and I can be rather emotional and a bit immature due to that I have autism and mental retardation since I was a child, but I've been working to overcome this since I've found out about them.

I am well aware that like everyone else, I can make mistakes, but I can also try to learn from my mistakes and make sure not to make the same ones again.


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IttyBitty1996 has started a donation pool!
19 / 1,000
You don't have to donate if you don't want to, after all, one can be kind to another, and friends help eachother out. :) Even one point can help me out.

I will now do both commissions and requests, but the commissions will cost points.

There are those prices for the Commissions. Depending on the difficulty. :points:

- 2 for the Commission :points:
- 1 for each character added :points:
- 1 if color were to be added :points:

Keep in mind that the price for Commissions may also depend on the difficulty, but if there's a commission about a character I don't know of or the design I don't know of either, I may need a pic of those.

I can not only do digital by my computer, for now I can't use Paint Shop Pro 7 for the time being until I get it back onto my computer, but I can still use Gimp and my renewed Paint.

I would also gladly take writing commissions, that is as long as it is NOT anything sexual or too gory, I'm fine, however I had matured some and so I could add slight violence or gore into writing commissions if you desire.

Requests are fine too! Be sure to talk to me about requests/commissions if you desire, I'll be sure to make a journal about it very soon if I have time.

Because school is going to start, I won't be able to work on art as much, since as soon as I get home, I would have to do some chores so I'll likely be real busy until close to 4PM, meaning around that time. Or less, so I may take longer or so I believed. Have a good day. :)

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