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I am going to be doing lots of work this week and there are news as well that may result in haitus or so I thought, because Moonlight is going to have puppies again.

However, we will only be keeping them for 6 to 8 weeks, during which, mom is going to be searching for people who will take good care of them and love them.

So I will be very busy this week and for likely a long while.

However, when it comes to stuff like this, I don't want to loose the pups in all honesty, I am sad of it, but we can't really take care of them.

Hope everyone is having a good day.
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IttyBitty1996/ Amber
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United States
There are many who are curious, many who wonder around and about, Curiosity can sometimes be a good trait or a bad trait, for there are some who wishes to help others and bring happiness, yet shall it be best to know who to trust in the future.
Hello, I am IttyBitty1996, but in real life, my name is Amber, you can call me nicknames based by my user name if you desire, or you can call me Amber.


- I am now a 12th grader student in high school who likes to write and draw things, despite being quiet in real life and having a quiet voice, I think a lot of things and have great imagination, if I could put it to use, I could use it to write/edit things, or draw stuff especially in school. :)

- There are times where I often think about many things and I also think about what to type, I also write stories and work hard on them Like "Once an Elven...Always an Elven."

- If you are ever troubled by something, you can tell me about it, I would try to help those who needed it. :) If I made an error, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

- I am very curious at times, so there are times where it certainly gets me and there are times where I wonder about things that get me curious.

- Not only do I love to draw, but I also love to write and read books that are of fantasy, from time to time, I think of new ideas that come to my mind and eventually use them, and would try to find ways to use my creativity in a good way. :)

- Once I make a mistake on DA, or ended up making a mistake from the words without realizing the facts at all, or that I make a mistake while talking with a friend or those watching me, or even make a bad choice and say wrong words, I tend to worry all the time, and worry about it a ton, I may end up asking for a second chance to fix it, but would also try to not to make the same mistake in the future.

- I love my friends very much, although I do commissions on here, I also do requests and try to think of ways to give good presents to my friends should their birthday draw near. :)

- I am usually a very calm but kind and playful person on Deviant Art, despite being curious and my good traits, I tend to worry alot for not just my friends, but also about their happiness and safety, and I can be rather emotional and a bit immature due to that I have autism and mental retardation since I was a child, but I've been working to overcome this since I've found out about them.

I am well aware that like everyone else, I can make mistakes, but I can also try to learn from my mistakes and make sure not to make the same ones again.


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IttyBitty1996 has started a donation pool!
14 / 1,000
You don't have to donate if you don't want to, after all, one can be kind to another, and friends help eachother out. :) Even one point can help me out.

I will now do both commissions and requests, but the commissions will cost points.

There are those prices for the Commissions. Depending on the difficulty. :points:

- 2 for the Commission :points:
- 1 for each character added :points:
- 1 if color were to be added :points:

Keep in mind that the price for Commissions may also depend on the difficulty, but if there's a commission about a character I don't know of or the design I don't know of either, I may need a pic of those.

I can not only do digital by my computer, for now I can't use Paint Shop Pro 7 for the time being until I get it back onto my computer, but I can still use Gimp and my renewed Paint.

I would also gladly take writing commissions, that is as long as it is NOT anything sexual or too gory, I'm fine, however I had matured some and so I could add slight violence or gore into writing commissions if you desire.

Requests are fine too! Be sure to talk to me about requests/commissions if you desire, I'll be sure to make a journal about it very soon if I have time.

Because school is going to start, I won't be able to work on art as much, since as soon as I get home, I would have to do some chores so I'll likely be real busy until close to 4PM, meaning around that time. Or less, so I may take longer or so I believed. Have a good day. :)

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No problem and alright. :)
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